Organic Foods

What discounts are available?

Discounts are available for items ordered in bulk when those items are NOT ON SPECIAL.

To ensure you get a discount write in the NOTES as illustrated below.

The weights vary from time to time for fresh produce (eg. apples come in 12, 15, and 18kg boxes) therefore realise that there is a possibility if you order 12kg Apples and write 1 box in the notes you may receive a box of greater weight.

If desired we can check quantities with Brisbane.

Also you may want to enter in the Notes "SUB and your normal weekly quantity" in case they do not have a box available but you still want some for the current week.

From experience I have got discounts on the following:


20 kg Juicing Carrots

1 bag, 20% disc pls

12 kg Apples

1 box, 20% disc pls, SUB 2kg

12 pkts Toilet Tissue

1 Carton, 10% disc pls

12.5 kg Almonds

1 box, 10% disc pls

12 tins Diced Italian Tomatoes

1 tray, 10% disc pls

12 tins Baked Beans

1 tray, 10% disc pls

24 tins Lo-Fat Coconut Milk

1 box, 10% disc pls

12 G/F Wallaby Cranberry Fruit & Nut Bars 1 box, 10% disc pls
6 Organic Lloyds 2L Grapejuice 1 box, 10% disc pls
12 cartons Rice Milk 1 box, 10% disc pls

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